Bridging Phase Model


The Bridging Phase is a short-term hybrid model in which some students attend campus for a shortened day while a limited online offering is provided to others working from home.  

This model is a short-term model (ideally no more than 3-4 weeks), since ultimately the hybrid is a compromise in which high quality learning over the longer term is difficult to maintain. However, as a transitional phase after a prolonged period of online learning, or for other specified reasons, it allows students much needed social contact while still engaging in online learning and adhering to any heightened safety guidance that is in effect.  


Attendance During the Bridging Phase

Unlike during campus learning in which attendance is expected, the hybrid model of the Bridging Phase means that attendance, while strongly encouraged, is optional; students can choose to remain home and avail of a more limited learning experience online. Parents will be asked to confirm in advance whether or not their child will attend campus during the Bridging Phase.

During the Bridging Phase it is unlikely that all students will be invited in on each day. Attendance may be staggered based on Grade level or based on other factors that limit the number of students on campus. A detailed schedule, appropriate to the circumstances, will be shared with students and families. 


Schedule for the Bridging Phase

For the days on which students are invited to campus, a schedule will be determined and announced to parents. During the Bridging Phase, the campus will be open to students from 9:30-15:30. No students will be permitted on campus outside these times and there will be no before-school or after-school activities. The bus schedule will run on an adjusted schedule to accommodate these start and end times. 


Online and Campus Based Learning During the Bridging Phase

Since the Bridging Phase is a hybrid of online and on-campus learning it will be possible for students to maintain progress from either on campus or at home. However, parents and students should be aware that the quality and scope of the online provision will not be offered to the same extent as during full online learning and, for that reason, attending school on the days available to your child is recommended. Equally important to realize is that the shortened day and hybrid model means that on campus learning will not be able to be delivered to the same extent as the full campus-based model and the support and understanding of parents in this is appreciated. These are the reasons why the Bridging Phase is a short term measure designed to fulfill a specific purpose for our students and their well-being. 



NOTE:  These guidelines are based on current understanding of COVID transmission and these may be reviewed and modified as and when needed should new information come to light.  While it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of transmission, compliance with these guidelines will significantly mitigate risk for staff, students and families.