Nagoya International School

NIS Campus COVID Updates

(Last Updated Oct. 3, 2022)

Latest COVID Campus Updates

  • NIS is currently in Level 2
  • All learning is in-person and on campus, and masks are optional outdoors for all community members!
  • Click HERE to learn about the NIS COVID levels.
  • Campus access is currently available to those who are in good health, and to whose household members are also in good health and not in quarantine or isolation. 
  • Please read our Campus Access Policy to learn more details about when and how you can access the campus.


Please note that we ask that everyone in our community read and follow our Campus Access Policy.  We ask that you make your own judgments (or consult with your doctor) about how and when accessing campus is allowed, in line with this policy. If a person wishing to attend campus has symptoms but does not (yet) have a COVID diagnosis, the policy varies. In this case, it is recommended to review scenario #3 of our Campus Access Policy, but if this person has Category B or C symptoms that last for more than three days, access to campus is permitted with a doctor’s note giving permission to return to school. (Doctor's note template)


  • 現在NISの感染予防対策はレベル2です。
  • キャンパスでの対面授業を実施しています。
  • NISの感染予防対策レベルはこちらをご覧ください。
  • ご自身および同居される方の健康状態に問題がなく、かつ隔離または自宅待機中でない方はキャンパスへの立ち入りが可能です。
  • キャンパスへの立ち入りについて詳細はこちらをお読みください。