Why Support is Needed



As a community school, NIS is here to serve our community. But to do that we need help.

Over the course of our 50-year history NIS is fortunate to have benefited from the support of both our immediate and wider communities. Whether it be the collaborative efforts of local government, business and international interests who first established our school in the 1960s, or the outpouring of community giving that enabled the construction of the Wing Building in 1999 and the renovations to the Raymond Building and Field in 2004 and 2007, in times of need, NIS has always been able to rely on our friends and partners in Chubu to deliver the international school our city needs.

The time has come again when we need to reach out to our community. As a non-profit school, a project of this scope is beyond the financial capacity of the school alone – but, together, we can make it happen.

The goal is to start construction in July, 2019, and open the new facilities in August, 2020. The cost of the total project is ¥1.63 billion although some phasing of this (for example the replacement of the field and fully equipping the multipurpose hall) is possible in order to stagger costs over additional years.

Our finance plan utilizes a combination of cash reserves, loans and community fundraising.  The goal is to fund roughly 75% of the project through loans and cash reserves (¥1.23 billion) and to raise roughly 25% through fundraising (¥400 million). 

In addition to requesting support from our immediate community, the 2020 Vision Project is also requesting support from everyone in our extended community, both in the corporate sector and also individual donors. We are asking user corporations, leading Nagoya companies, local and international government organizations, parents, alumni, friends in our community, and even staff and students to step forward and pledge support for the project.

Please consider how you might give. Your support is needed to help ensure Nagoya can continue to serve families through providing an outstanding international education and, in so doing, play our part in helping to bring the world here to Chubu.







  • 東棟校舎建設               約 ¥1,385,000,000
  • 運動場改修                約 ¥40,000,000
  • 東棟校舎多目的ホール 可動式座席     約 ¥45,000,000
  • 東棟校舎多目的ホール 照明/舞台装置等  約 ¥160,000,000

                     総工費  約 16.3億円