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The NIS 2020 Vision Project is designed to fulfill the long-term need for Nagoya to have a full-service, top-quality international school serving a student body of 450-550 students to the same standards that can be expected from international schools in any major city worldwide.

When complete, the new East Building will provide three full-size science labs, two music rooms with practice facilities, two rooms for visual arts, a multipurpose PE and performance space, a multipurpose event and refreshment space, a roof-top area for additional PE activities and additional spaces for individual study and group collaboration.

Additionally, the replacement of the aging NIS athletics field will ensure for the continuance of a high-quality field sports program and the rezoning of the remainder of the campus  – possible once the new building is complete – will support better and safer learning for all students.

The 2020 Vision project builds on recent construction projects of the past (construction of the Grade 5 Annex in 2017 and the NIS Design and Fabrication Lab in 2018) to deliver the vision for a campus capable of sustaining a world-class International School here in Nagoya, Japan.

The NIS campus in 2020 will:

  • Have adequate spaces for all specialist areas including sports, science, engineering/design, technology and the arts
  • Be zoned by discipline/subject group in Secondary (Gr. 6-12) with separate zoning for Primary (Preschool-Gr. 5)
  • Have sufficient break-out, common and utility spaces to safely and comfortably accommodate a school of 450-550 students;
  • Enable delivery of a curriculum which has the breadth, depth and resources expected of a quality international school







  • 体育(部活動)、科学、ITデザイン、美術などの特別科目用の充分な教室スペース
  • 中・高等部(6〜12年生)の教室を初等部(プリスクール〜5年生)とは分け、科目ごとのゾーンに配置
  • 生徒数450〜500名規模に対応可能な多目的共用スペース、特別室などの設置
  • 名古屋の国際家庭のニーズに応え、優れたインターナショナルスクールに求められる広く深く豊かなカリキュラムを提供




  • 1F&2F:鉄筋コンクリート造、音楽演奏及び演劇等の遮音を有する
  • 3F&4F:鉄骨造


N・デザイン有限会社 / 株式会社カワナベデザイン一級建築士事務所


戸田建設株式会社 名古屋支店


  • (着工)2019年7月12日
  • (竣工)2020年8月19日