Field & Playground Renovation: Phase 2 (2006)



During the summer of 2006, NIS embarked on the last major fundraising campaign for a facilities improvement project, now already over a decade old. After the renovation of the original Raymond Building and Early Childhood Building in 2004 (called Phase 1 at the time), it was time to turn attention to the sports facilities around the school, including the sports field and elementary playground area.

For 30 years, NIS sports teams played on the same dirt field; a definite improvement over the original parking lot-turned-court that early alumni fondly remember from the early 1970s. Over the years, however, erosion caused the dirt sports field to deteriorate in quality, slowly washing away with each heavy rainfall. Indeed, safety was becoming an urgent issue, not to mention the limitations put on both the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Phase 2 – the Athletic Field and Playground Campaign – provided modern athletic facilities for students across all grade levels and significantly improved the extra-curricular capacity for the secondary students. The project provided a FIFA regulation-size field for soccer, a wider space for baseball/softball and three half-court basketball spaces, while accommodating parking for special events if needed, as well. In addition to all of the work on new retaining walls, the elementary playground equipment was replaced, and the playground was also resurfaced with a softer, bouncy surface, allowing for safer use of the area used by elementary children.  A fitness center, also made possible through a significant donation, helped improve the PE curriculum and training for Dolphin athletes to be in top shape.

The fundraising was so successful that the bonus wish-list item of a two-story “Fieldhouse” was built to provide an outdoor bathroom, athletic equipment storage and a meeting space for the PTA.

That was then, but the reality of now is that the field has become difficult to play on due to the wear and tear of 13 years, and with new, safer turfs available, a re-do of the turf on the field has become part of a wish-list of the 2020 Vision Project. Also, it is the hope that a successful 2020 Vision Project will enable the Fieldhouse to be returned to its original purpose since it has been necessarily utilized as classroom space for the past two years.

Phase 2 Photos

Nagoya International School construction phase 21
Nagoya International School construction phase 22
NIS construction phase 24
Nagoya International School construction phase 25
Nagoya International School construction phase 26
Nagoya International School construction phase 27
Nagoya International School construction phase 28
Nagoya International School construction phase 29
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