Campaign Stories



Campaign Stories #2:

Matthew Parr


Nagoya International School Head of School

学校法人 名古屋国際学園 学校長


The 2020 vision is not just about 'building a building.' It is about re-imagining the type of learning that is possible for NIS students.

Why are you supporting the 2020 Vision Project?

I feel privileged and honored to be a part of the NIS community. One thing that had a significant impact on me when I joined the school was the way in which NIS has always been rooted - and built upon - the efforts and dreams of the community we serve.

NIS was started by parents and community members in 1964 and the students today who come through our doors each day have the opportunity to learn in incredible ways, inspired by great teachers in buildings that have stood for half a century. None of this happened by chance or overnight. The school we have now is the legacy of parents, educators, companies and community members who had a vision and a dream for internationalism and international education in this city. It was their hard work, conviction, generosity – and foresight – which created the school we have today. 

I strongly feel that now it is OUR turn to build on that. It is time for the current generation of families, staff, companies and community members to invest in the school not only for the children here today but as a part of a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Our students now are benefitting because of the wisdom and commitment of the past. It is time for us to show the same foresight to invest in the future – for our families and for our city.

What impact will this project have on the service you are able to provide for your families?

The 2020 vision is not just about ‘building a building.’ It is about re-imagining the type of learning that is possible for NIS students.

While we currently offer a full-service program, we are badly constrained by the limitations of the facilities we have.  Just imagine how much better our theater program will be when we have a properly equipped auditorium, or how large of an impact our additional ‘multipurpose hall’ and resurfaced field will have on our sports program. Just imagine the impact on our science program when we have three full-size high school science labs, or the transformation of our music program when we have a full-sized band room and ensemble rooms. And imagine the effect on the entire school with the increased space for collaboration and the rezoning of the campus to bring subject disciplines together, along with the opportunity to add course options which, due to space limitations, we have been unable to even consider.

This building is not just a building. It is the next step in the journey of our great school. It is the key to unlocking the kind of contemporary learning our students deserve and our parents and community expect.

How can the community help see this vision through?

We are so close! We have been saving money to invest in the project and are grateful for the opportunity to borrow funds from banks - and we are nearly there!

But we can’t do this without the help of our community coming together, imagining what is possible, and investing in the future of our children and our city. NIS is only here today because – at critical times in our history – the community has dared to believe in a bold and beautiful vision for our city and our school. The time is here again. From individual donations from parents, alumni and even students, to larger corporate donations from the greater community, I am confident that our community will come together to make this project a success.

I do hope that everyone can join and support the campaign and become a part of this exciting step in the history of our school - and our city.


NIS is only here today because - at critical times in our history - the community has dared to believe in a bold and beautiful vision for our city and our school.